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Frequently Asked Questions

Garbage & Recycling

Who picks up my garbage?

The Public Works Dept. only picks up Town-owned garbage cans along 1st St. and Town-owned properties such as parks and street ends.  Private garbage is hauled by Waste Management Services (360) 757-4068.

Where do I get rid of waste oil, batteries, chemicals, etc.?

Most landfills have areas where citizens can get rid of hazardous waste.  You may call the Skagit County Recycling/Transfer Station information line at (360) 424-7807.

How long can a car be parked on my property?

Parked cars are only an issue when they are inoperable, or parked on a street right-of-way longer than 72 hours.

Where is parking located?

The Town's parking lot is located one block south of Town Hall and requires a parking fee of $3.00 per day for cars and $9.00 per day for RV's.  The Port of Skagit County maintains a lot two blocks north of Morris Street - at Second & State Streets, and requires a $2.00 per day fee.  There is other designated parking throughout Town that does not require a fee.  Parking citations may be issued if you are parked illegally.  Fines vary depending on the offense.  There is a 50% reduction if the fine is paid within 24 hours.

I need to hook up to the Sewer, Water or Storm Drainage System. Do I need a permit?
Yes.  Please contact Town Hall at (360) 466-3125 for specific requirements for each of these processes.
May I hook up to a Fire Hydrant?

You must obtain a hydrant meter permit from Town Hall at (360) 466-3125 before doing so or download a permit from this web site.

Do I need a permit or reservation to have a party in a Town park?

The Town has a reservation system and fees for large groups wishing to use the facilities at Pioneer Park. Contact Town Hall for reservations, at (360) 466-3125. 

What do I need to work near or in the street?

A Right-of-Way Excavation Permit is required for any work within Town owned rights-of- way.  Please apply for this permit at least 24 hours in advance so emergency vehicles may be notified.  Please click here to see our submittal checklist for the required items or contact Town Hall at (360) 466-3125.  Remember: CALL 48 HOURS BEFORE YOU DIG: (1-800-424-5555)  The Utility Coordinating Council will contact all agencies affected who will then mark any utility/service lines thereby preventing damage from occurring.

Street Cleaning & Repair
Who maintains the streets around La Conner?

Most streets are maintained by the jurisdiction where they are located.  Therefore, the Public Works Dept. maintains most of the streets.  The Port of Skagit County maintains the streets in the North Basin area, andSkagit County maintains the roads leading into Town, including the roundabout and the Rainbow Bridgeapproaches.

There is debris, glass, and hazardous waste in the road, should I contact a tow truck company for clean up?

If there is glass debris or non-hazardous material in a road, please contact Town Hall.  A service request will be generated.  Please be prepared to give specifics (i.e. exact location, cross streets, description of problem). A clean up and street sweep request will be forwarded to Public Works.  If there is an auto accident or hazardous waste in the road, call 9-1-1.  Be prepared to give specifics (i.e. exact location, cross streets, description of problem).

How often does the street sweeper run through the Town?

The main streets are swept on a weekly basis throughout the year on Friday mornings, and twice weekly during spring and summer.

Does the street sweeper just sweep or does it vacuum?

It is a regenerative air vacuum sweeper; which means that no dust is vented to the outside air, creating a very efficient vacuum, resulting in less fines and materials being deposited in catch basins.

I have noticed a pothole and asphalt failure on my street. Who can I contact to have it repaired?

For pothole or asphalt/street repair please contact the Public Works Dept at (360) 466-3933.  A service request will be generated.  Be prepared to give specifics (i.e. exact location, cross streets, description of problem).  A work request will be forwarded for inspection and/or repair.

Can I have the curb near my house painted as a no parking area? If so, who can I contact?

Most streets within the Town of La Conner are public streets.  This means that residents may not declare parking space along residential street be classified as no parking or resident parking.  However, no parking is permitted within 15 feet of a street corner.  If you feel that a street corner needs to be painted, please contact the Public Works Department at (360) 466-3933.

Streetlighting & Traffic Signals
What can I do if a street light (not traffic signal) is failing or has gone out?

Street lights are maintained by Puget Sound Energy. In order to report a street light problem please contact Intolight (the maintenance branch of P.S.E.) at (888) 225-5773.  You may be asked for specifics such as the 12-digit pole number, location and exact nature of problem (i.e.: cycles on/off, on all the time, or never comes on) because maintenance workers will report to the site during daylight hours.  Some repairs may take as long as seven working days to be made.

I reported a streetlight out over a week ago and nothing has been done. Who else can I contact?

You can also call the Town of La Conner Public Works Dept. at (360) 466-3933 or reach us by e-mail.  The repair request will be researched and, if necessary, re-generated.

Who do I contact if traffic signals are not working or if street signs are down/removed?

Contact the Town of La Conner Public Works Dept. at (360) 466-3933 and a repair request will be generated. You may be asked for specifics such as location, direction of travel, is the light on a pole or on mast arm, what color light is out, or what type of sign.

Trees & Grass
What are the regulations relating to tall grasses and weeds?

To report weed problems on either Town or private property, please call Town Hall at (360) 466-3125.

Can I trim the tree in front of my house?

Please contact the Town Planner at (360) 466-3125 to see if you need a permit to trim a tree.  In some instances, Public Works will trim trees along the right-of-way.

Do I need a permit to plant a tree in the street?

A permit is required to plant a tree in the street right-of-way.  It is also required if you are removing a tree or if you plan major tree care.  If you believe a tree needs to be pruned, you should contact the Town Planner at (360) 466-3125 to determine if a permit is required or if the Town can do the work for you.

What kind of trees may I plant along the street in front of my house?

The Town has ordinances, which prohibit certain types of trees being planted along the right-of-way which may damage utilities or create a hazard.  Contact Town Hall at (360) 466-3125 for further information.

Utility Billing
How is my Utility Bill calculated?

Your Utility Bill is usually made up of charges for the use of La Conner’s Sewer, Water, and Storm Drainage Systems.  Please note that if you are located outside La Conner Town limits, your water rate does not include sewer and drainage charges.  For further questions or information relating to your utility bill, please contact the Town of La Conner Finance Department at (360) 466-3125.

How often is my meter read?

Meters are read every month on the last day of the month unless it falls on a weekend.  Meter readings are entered onto electronic hand held readers to lessen the chances of misreads and to save time and money.

Where does our water come from?

The Town's water is purchased from the City of Anacortes and comes from the Skagit River near Avon.  For general facts relating to the Town of La Conner water services area and testing, please look at the Town's Annual Water Quality Report.

Why does the Town require the installation of water meters?

We require meters to measure water use, establish equity in paying for water used by each service, and to encourage water conservation.

Is La Conner’s water tested?

Our water is tested for chlorine daily.  It is tested for e-coli twice a month.  Other tests are conducted on a periodic basis according to State law.

Do we add fluoride or chlorine to our water?
There is no fluoride in our water.  The water is chlorinated.  To report water quality complaints, or for questions on water quality, pressure, chemicals in the water or water waste: please contact the Public Works Dept at (360) 466-3933 or click here for email. 
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