Letters to Town Council/Town Mayor

This page is dedicated to letters or emails written to any member of the La Conner Town Council.  Please be aware, that letters sent to the Mayor or to Town staff will NOT be posted on this page.  Only letters to the Town Council will be posted here.

R. Anderson Email Dated 12/9/2021

Laurel Letter Dated 12/8/2021

McFeely Email Dated 12/4/2021

G. Nelson Letter Dated 12/1/2021

M. Rights Letter Dated 12/1/2021

G. George Letter Dated 12/1/2021

Talman Letter Dated 11/30/2021

Matthews Letter Dated 11/30/2021

Shull Email Dated 11/29/2021

Sobczak Letter Dated 11/29/2021

G. Johnson Letter Dated 11/29/2021

Shull Letter Dated 11/28/2021

Cornwall Letter Dated 11/28/2021

Wilder Letter Dated 11/28/2021

Hanneman Email Dated 11/23/2021

S. Stokes Email Dated 11/17/2021

Carlson Email Dated 11/9/2021

Schanen Email Dated 11/9/2021

Talman Support Letter for Annie Taylor 11/9/2021 

Mitchell & Borusinski Letter Dated 10/26/2021

Raymond Letter Dated 10/25/2021

Talman Email Dated 10/23/2021

M. Johnson Letter Dated 10/21/2021

O'Donnell Letter Dated 10/21/2021

S. Stokes Letter 10/14/2021

Bushey Email Dated 9/22/2021

B. Stokes Email Response to K. Stern 9/12/2021

O'Donnell Letter Dated 8/30/2021

Davolio Email Response to Price Letter 8/17/2021

Price Comment Letter Received 8/17/2021

M. Clark Email Dated 8/16/2021

Talman Response to McFeely Email Dated 8/16/2021

McFeely Email Dated 8/16/2021

WA State Police Reform Email Dated 8/10/2021

Riske Email Dated 8/10/2021

Talman Email Dated 8/9/2021

Cross Email Dated 7/29/2021

Citizens Letter to Council, the Mayor, etc. Dated 7/23/2021

Talman Email Dated 7/19/2021