Planning, Permits & Codes

Town of La Conner Notice of Submittal Deadline For 2022 Comprehensive Plan Amendments:

Please click on the link below to access the notice that is posted in Town Hall and will be published in the La Conner Weekly News on 12/22/2021 and again on 1/5/2022:

Notice of Submittal Deadline


The Planning Department plans, organizes and coordinates all planning activities for the Town, including developing and implementing land use policies and procedures. This includes reviewing permit applications and conducting historic design, shoreline and critical area reviews. 

Planning to Renovate or Develop?

If you are about to develop or renovate property in La Conner and/or in La Conner's Historic Preservation District, contact our Planning Department to become familiar with our permit requirements.  For a list of the Town's permit fees, please click here.

To learn about construction that is exempt from a building permit please click the link below: Exempt from Building Permit.pdf

To learn about Project Valuation please click the link below: