Planning Documents

Current Comprehensive Plan Documents

Shoreline Master Program

The Town is in the process of completing a comprehensive update of our La Conner Shoreline Master Program (SMP). To download the Draft chapters and appendices please use the links listed under the Draft documents section.  To view the current Shoreline Master Program Documents please see the links under the Current documents section.

Please note that the public participation plan has been delayed due to the pandemic, but the Town of La Conner is committed to including the public in our shoreline update process.  The public outreach documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below.

Shoreline Master Program Outreach Documents

FINAL DRAFT - Shoreline Master Program Documents

CURRENT - Shoreline Master Program Documents

The Year of the Bird

The 2018 Birding Festival was a big success in La Conner!  The Town Council has approved Resolution 545 to Celebrate the Year of the Bird.  Please click here to view Resolution 545.  

The Town Council encourages residents and property owners, when making choices of landscaping plantings, to install plants that birds recognize as habitat or food sources.  A list of these plants can be found here.

Parks & Recreation Plan

In 2006, the Town adopted the Parks and Recreation Plan as an element of grant funding requests to the Interagency Committee on Outdoor Recreation (IAC). The Town will continue to update and improve the plan for waterfront and recreational development.

Parks & Recreation Plan Document